Samsung intends to fill a major security vulnerability in Galaxy


    Samsung security 

    Samsung Electronics announced Friday that it will release early next week a software update to address a major security vulnerability that appeared on the flagship Galaxy phones produced, and is the latest technology malfunction of the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, according to news agency "Bloomberg".

    Users have noticed in the past few days that the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner on the screens of Samsung phones used to unlock phones from the latest version of the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 can be deceived by unregistered fingerprints or through the screen protector made Of silicon, can also be deceived when you agree to make payments via those devices.

    Following a preliminary report in The Sun, there was growing concern about the potential scope of the vulnerability, which could make Galaxy users' personal data and e-wallets vulnerable to hacking.

    Samsung advised users of these phones in a statement to remove any screen protector from silicon, and delete their fingerprints recorded on the phones and re-registration and waiting for the release of software update.


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