Editorial Call of Duty: Mobile exceeds 35 million downloads

    Call of Duty: Mobile
    Call of Duty: Mobile 

    Editorial Call of Duty: Mobile exceeds 35 million downloads

    Call of Duty: Mobile has achieved the biggest opening among Google's games and apps with over 35 million downloads.

    Activision, the publisher of Call of Duty: Mobile, has announced the arrival of more than 35 million downloads of its War and Fighting game, developed by Tencent, on Google Play and Apple's App Store, making it the largest launch ever for any app or game launched on Android and iOS operating systems in all areas and not just in games.

    The game, which was officially launched at the beginning of the month, reached the first place on the App Store in more than 100 countries.

    The game, which Activision has finally decided to release on smartphones after a long wait, provides many of the game options, weapons, maps and characters that exist in the versions of Modern Warfare and Black Ops on other platforms, to provide a distinctive and comprehensive experience for gamers on smartphones. It has hired Tencent to develop it, a company known for developing the popular PUBG game.

    Call of Duty: Mobile was launched in all countries supported by Google Play and App Store, with the exception of China, Belgium, and Vietnam.

    The game has managed to break records in a matter of days and we will probably see information about record profits in the coming days, but it seems that Tencent is more happy about this, especially as it develops the most famous two games at the moment between users on all platforms, especially in the field of battle and war games.

    However, the game is available for free download to all users and can be accessed via this link.

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