IPhone SE2 may be present during the spring of next year design iPhone 8 at a price of $ 400

     iPhone 11
     iPhone 11

    News reports and leaks continue to target versions of iPhone next year 2020, even before the launch of the iPhone 11 has had a strong presence to date, where earlier reports talked about a lower-priced version that will be launched by Apple in the spring of next year.

    In the new leaks on this new low-priced iPhone in particular, which is expected to be the successor to the iPhone SE or what can be called SE2, technical expert and veteran Ming Chi Kuo pointed out that Apple is expected to launch the SE2 version designed iPhone 8 and hardware support Similar to that currently available in 11 copies with A13 chip.

    Among the information addressed by the company that the device will contain 3 GB RAM of type LPDDR4X, while the screen will measure 4.7 inches.

    Of course, the price of the iPhone will be compatible with the added hardware and purchasing power of the average income consumer, expecting that the price of $ 400, similar to the price of the version of the SE launched by Apple in 2016.

    The iPhone SE has been well received by consumers and Apple fans as it has similar hardware for the iPhone 6s but a smaller screen and a similar exterior design for the iPhone 5 at a lower price.

    But looking at the price, it can be expected that the camera SE2 will not be at the same technical level of those attached to the latest versions, since the camera played an important role in raising the price in these versions due to its high capabilities where Apple focused on raising it significantly in the iPhone 11.

    In addition, it is expected that Apple will resort to return the home button as in the case of iPhone 8; instead of the full screen based on Face ID technology in the X version and beyond.

    Koo predicted shipments of the iPhone SE2 could range from 30-40 million units in 2020, and a previous report by the veteran of the leaks had predicted Apple's life to redesign iPhone 4 in next year's versions as well.

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