Apple showcases 4 iPhone 5G phones in 2020


    A new report revealed that Apple may launch a group of four iPhone 5G phones next year, as analysts at JPMorgan said that the company is likely to announce new phones at the end of 2020, although Apple has not confirmed the allegations.
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    According to the British website "Daily Mail", as these speculations are true of the date of the disclosure of new phones, this will make Apple somewhat behind its competitors who have already issued 5G phones.

    There have been a variety of rumors about the specifications and sizes of the new Apple phones, where some reports claim that the high-speed Internet 5G will be available on the versions of phones iPhone 5.4 inches and 6.7 inches.

    It is worth mentioning that 5G has become one of the advantages that occupy the technology companies, as the design of a number of phones compatible with this technology throughout 2019 and received the attention of a variety of smart phone companies.

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