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    The PlayStation 5 remains awaited by all users of the upcoming Microsoft Xbox Series X, which remains among the top devices. It will actually be a very big technological revolution through the fun and performance that will be presented. I have already referred to this matter through a set of very important reports and data. On these devices.

    Of course, not all of these games can be available on the device in its final launch, but in a very large percentage that some of them will be included in the list of the device, which is what really gives the latter an opportunity to impose its control strongly through the launch and create superiority over the biggest competitor and here the talk About the Microsoft device, which of course will not sit idly by in anticipation of Sony’s missteps. Without a doubt, Microsoft is preparing the equipment from the moment to equip a fleet of games to accompany the launch of the latter.

    And we got the first game, Halo Infinite, which was officially announced for the Xbox Series X at the last E3 2019, and this may be just the beginning of what is coming, of course, while Sony has not yet revealed any upcoming game on the PlayStation 5, which is what We made this offer, but this detailed report on the games that we expect to be available with the device during the date of its global release.

    Available games

    [1] Days Gone 2:

    Sony Bend studio has not yet finished with the Days Gone game, which it is trying to refine through important contents through several updates, and also several contents that are challenges and also additional difficulty levels, and we do not forget to fix it for several problems that were detected through the game on the PlayStation 4 device in It launched months ago now.

    And the thing that makes it possible to come back again is the terrible sales that it got through European or American stores where, despite the moderate reviews that the game got in its launch several months ago from now, this matter has not been resolved without being distinguished and superior from In terms of sales, which makes it possible to have a very popular second installment from Sony Bend.

    [2] God of War 2:

    We are talking about the original part that was available on the PlayStation 2 years ago from now, but rather a direct continuation of the part that was available on the PlayStation 4 device, where, after the great success that the game achieved through a restructuring that included its style and also the way its world was arranged, this step was Taking a big risk on the part of the developer team in person of Sony Santa Monica.

    Which more than once is that in the event that the game succeeds with this new approach, it will have laid the foundation stone for more releases, which makes the possibility of obtaining a very new part and a list, if true, as the director Mr. Cory Barlog had previously confirmed more than once that The second part will be workshops currently they have, and we can wait for the launch of the game and also on the PlayStation 5, years after the launch of the latter and not on the same day it was released in the market.

    [3] Gran Turismo Series:

    One of the long-established chains that Sony has from the days of the original PlayStation and is still continuing to reap more successes, and if it is on the PlayStation 3, it will not achieve the best unlike its level through the original PlayStation and also on the PlayStation 2, but the developer team Polyphony Digital .

    He confirmed more than once that he was actually preparing to work on a new part, and currently he owns the game Gran Turismo Sport, which was available through the PlayStation 4 and achieved good levels despite the launch, which was very poor in terms of content, but the developer team took advantage of the latter to lay the foundations for the contents of the release Next, through a package of updates that are available free of charge to all users, which makes it possible to launch the game again on the PlayStation 5 device, which is very much available, and it may be among the launch titles, why not too.

    [4]  Horizon Zero Dawn 2:

    The first part of the series on the PlayStation 4 was really a different and unprecedented step through the exclusivity of the PlayStation 4, by virtue of that it was the first project from Sony of this size on the platform and also through the system in general, where it was found that Sony actually entered an era New in terms of exclusivity and is what we think will work in its direction through a large percentage of islands by Guerrilla Games.

    Ed will be under development due to the sales of the important game and also the experience accumulated by the developer team who provided additional content for the original game entitled The Frozen Wild, in which he indicated that it is an unencrypted message on the basis that he takes into account the work on the game in the coming years and also in view of the evaluations that The latter got it, and they are all reasons that are in the interest of seeing a second part that can accompany the PlayStation 5 in a very large percentage according to the latest rumors and leaks in the last period.

    [5] Killzone Series:

    The series was absent from it for a while between the version that was available on the PlayStation Vita years ago and immediately after the main version, Killzone Shadow Fall, which was available during the launch of the PlayStation 4 in 2013, I think that this last one if there was an idea to bring it back I think that the opportunity will be available Until next year on the PlayStation 5, developed by a subsidiary studio of Guerilla Games.

    As the latter had opened a new headquarters in order to work to contribute to future projects by the general administration of this studio, which makes the possibility that there is another part under development very much possible, especially since the device coming from Sony must or provide at least some games that Focuses on the elements of group play and I do not think that there will be better than the Killzone series to play this role, although this decision may contribute to delaying the launch of the Horizon Zero Dawn 2 game that I mentioned before by virtue that Guerrila Games cannot work on Two games at the same time unless he decides to outsource Killzone to another studio, which may be the case of course.

    [6] Uncharted Series:

    If the fourth part, titled Uncharted 4 A Thief End, put an end to the adventures of the hero Nathan Drake, who could have continued with us for more releases, but with a decision by Naughty Dog Studio, the latter decided to end the story of this distinguished hero and the iconic character For the Playstation until the fourth part, which actually was a turning point for the series in terms of the scenario, which actually carried in its bag very interesting details for the fans who love this series, which was launched during the PlayStation 3 years ago from now.

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