Genshin impact review

    Genshin impact review

    Genshin Impact is a game that has achieved great success and fame among fans of electronic games all over the world, noting that the video game center has witnessed records to become one of the centers that have flourished.

    Less than a month after its release, the Genshin Impact game received more than 1 million downloads via the Google Play Store, and is rated 4.5 out of five stars, which is what the pubg game did not get; Where the story of Genshin Impact revolves around the arrival of you and your friends to an unknown world completely devoid of your weapons and lying in a deep slumber and then you wake up to a world you do not know anything about, and all you have to do is fully prepare to explore this wonderful unknown world, and you join a variety of characters to discover the mysteries The many.

    What is striking about this game is that it contains high-quality graphics, quiet music and high-quality sounds, in addition to a large group of characters and forces you to fight some strange creatures in the game, not only that, but also provides you with many areas to explore, dungeons to raid, and many secrets that You must discover it, all this you can enjoy without the need for movement or automatic fighting.

    Genshin Impact game specs:

    Genshin Impact is an open world with lots of fun details perfectly designed, and it feels like you are living in a real world; By interacting with the picturesque environment, river water, swimming, watching mountain views, and enjoying the soundtrack that accompanies you while playing the game, through which you will live a very big fighting journey.

    open world

    Genshin Impact allows its users to climb mountains or swim in the water and enjoy stunning views, in addition to wandering in this open world full of many adventures.
    Combat system
    One of the most important features of Genshin Impact is that the combat battle can be started by harnessing the seven elements. Anemo, Electro, Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, Dendro and Geo interact in all kinds of ways; The visionaries have the full power to turn this in their favor.

    Multiple combat items
    The game contains a lot of combat elements, between freezing, evaporation, electric charging, and more You can use one of these items when starting a more intense combat battle.

    Aesthetic sights:

    Genshin Impact game offers its users many beautiful scenes, once you enter the game world, you can enjoy all the scenes that are designed in a wonderful artistic style, animations for highly accurate characters, and change the lighting and weather naturally over time; What gives you an amazing visual experience.

    Supports all devices:

    Genshin Impact can be played through smartphones, PCs and Playstation, and you can also start playing the game through your account on your smartphone and complete it with the same account on other devices.

    Requirements :

    Free space of at least 10 GB
    RAM of not less than 4 GB
    Snapdragon 845 processor or equivalent
    Requires Android 7 or higher
    You need internet connection
    Ultimately, video game fans can download Genshin Impact on their smartphones via the Google Play Store or the App Store. Where the original version of the game is available and comes in 6 GB.

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